Step-by-step: how to install Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) on the Nook Color [updated May 2013]

I previously posted about how to get CyanogenMod 7 on a Nook Color, well here’s a really simple guide for how to get CyanogenMod 10 (i.e. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean) on your Nook Color.

My intention here is to provide a no-frills, this is what works for me article that doesn’t require you to read anything else.

Please note: although it is possible to run Android 4.x on the Nook Color, it is slow because the Nook Color is now quite old hardware.  You will have one of the latest versions of Android, but your Nook Color will be no competition for a new Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus or similar tablet.  For me personally, being able to run a full version of Android on my Nook Color was useful a couple of years ago, but I have got used to my phone and other devices responding quickly to my interactions, and the Nook Color is, for me, simply too frustratingly slow.  For this reason I no longer use my Nook Color, and do not intend to update this article further.

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iPage web server reliability statistics compared to LunarPages

This website was hosted with iPage for 12 months until mid-March 2012 when I moved it to LunarPages.  During that time I had free monitoring of the website using to check the website is working every 30 minutes.  As I think this graph shows, the reliability of the website has dramatically improved since the move to LunarPages.  There is of course a price difference – I guess this demonstrates quite clearly what you do not get when you pay the very low iPage prices for entry-level web hosting.

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Step-by-step: How to install Android Gingerbread 2.3.4 (CM7.1) on a Nook Color – Updated

I got my Nook Color a few weeks agoin mid 2011, always with the intention of immediately hacking it and converting it from a Barnes & Noble e-reader into a full Android Gingerbread tablet.  I found lots of useful tutorials and resources on the Internet, but it still took a few attempts until I had everything working the way I wanted, so I am writing here about what I did in the hope it will help others.

UPDATE Dec 2011: I have updated the following instructions to reflect changes to Cyanogen Mod with the release of version 7.1.0 stable. Read more ›

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Genting Highlands – 360 panoramic virtual image

Initially I lazily shot handheld (above), but I failed to shoot enough images to wrap the image to a full 360 degree panorama. Within minutes the clouds drifted up the slopes and the second proper panorama (below) is less attractive without the blue sky. Maybe next time?

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Between Tectonic Plates – Iceland

Standing on the edge of the American tectonic plate where it meets the European tectonic plate in Iceland.

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View at Dusk from St Paul’s, Melaka

This is the view at dusk from the hill in the centre of Melaka where the ruin of St Paul’s Church stands. Built in 1521 by a Portuguese captain and originally called the Church of Our Lady of Annunciation, it was renamed Read more ›

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St John’s Fort, Melaka

St John’s Fort used to be a vantage point from which to defend Melaka from attack, but it is no longer near the shore line following land reclamation work in the 20th Century. Note also that the majority of the Canon positions face in land, indicating the fact St John’s was last used to defend Melaka from attack over land, not from the sea.

Unfortunately in more recent times a water tower was constructed right next to the fort. At the time the authorities clearly Read more ›

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The Steps to St John’s Fort, Melaka

St John’s Fort used to be a vantage point from which to defend Melaka from attack, situated on top of a small hill near the centre of Melaka. Today the hill attracts a small trickle of tourists and at the end of the day local people jog (or power walk) up and down the hill for exercise in the tropical heat.

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Near Porta de Santiago, Melaka

This is a great example of a good location for testing panoramic equipment calibration – the mass of detailed cobbles in the foreground providing plenty of lines to check calibration, and to calibrate lens settings in software too.

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Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh

The view from the top of Arthur’s Seat, in Edinburgh.

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