Jonker St by Night, Melaka

Most of the night market in central Melaka is to be found on Jonker Street which becomes pedestrianised on market nights. There’s plenty of tourist souvenirs to be had as well as food, snacks and one or two bars along the way.

This panorama was taken shortly after Chinese New Year and you can see some red lanterns hanging across the streets. I was not sure I would be able to find somewhere to put down a tripod because there are so many people and this was the only place I could find!

The images are all 3.2sec at f/10 and I used flash to try to freeze people in the foreground and avoid a white blur of movement. Because of the long exposure there’s plenty of ghosts and blurring anyway – I will have to experiment more with night time panoramas and long exposures.

Equipment Used

3 rows of 8 shots (overkill admittedly) plus 2 down shots using Canon EOS 20D, Canon 10-22 EFS lens, Manfrotto 190MF3 tripod, Nodal Ninja 3 panoramic head, RealViz Stitcher Unlimited

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