St John’s Fort, Melaka

St John’s Fort used to be a vantage point from which to defend Melaka from attack, but it is no longer near the shore line following land reclamation work in the 20th Century. Note also that the majority of the Canon positions face in land, indicating the fact St John’s was last used to defend Melaka from attack over land, not from the sea.

Unfortunately in more recent times a water tower was constructed right next to the fort. At the time the authorities clearly didn’t realise what impact it would have on this historic location.

Equipment Used

Canon 400D camera, EFS 10-22 lens @10mm, Nodal Ninja 5 panoramic head, Manfrotto carbon fibre tripod. 3 rows of shots, 8 at the horizon and 4 tilted up and 4 tilted down, plus a vertical (nadir) shot and a hand held down (zenith) shot. All stitched with Autodesk Stitcher 2009 and using Smartblend 1.2.5.

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